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The Hawaii-centric view of the world - map adapted from the CIA World Fact Book

Located in the Pacific Ocean just south of the Tropic of Cancer, the Hawaiian islands are about 2,550 miles southwest of Los Angeles and 3,900 miles southest of Tokyo. They are the peaks of a chain of underwater volcanoes, some still very much active, that have been forming the islands for millions of years.

Hawaii is not just one island!

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Contrary to popular belief, Hawaii is not just a single island, but a chain of islands, the oldest of which lay far off the northwest coast of Kauai. The youngest major island is Hawaii itself or 'The Big Island', and it is still being added to today, through the volcanic action of Kiluaea. There are even younger volcanoes just underneath sea level to the southwest of the Big Island and they will one day form new islands to extend Hawaii further.

We'll get out our books and give you a better run-down of the geography of the islands soon, but in the meantime, for more satellite images of Hawaii visit here.

The main islands of Hawaii