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Hawaii - sunny but wet sometimes The good news is that the climate of Hawaii is very consistent. With mild temperature, easterly trade winds, moderate humidity pretty much all year round, the seasons ('summer' between May and October and 'winter' from November to April) are a fairly academic distinction. The bad news is that from day to day, especially on the windward side of the islands, it can be raining one minute and blazing sunshine the next.

Being tropical

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Hawaii is in the tropics and so the days are roughly the same length all year round (the longest being 13.5 hours and the shortest 11 hours). The average high temperature in Hilo manages to go from a chilly 26C/80F to a balmy 29C/84F. Night-time lows are equally pleasant with the average ranging from 18C/64F to 20C/69F. If you want to find out what the weather is like right now, then click on the box to the right.


It rains in Hilo, there's no doubt about it. The annual average rainfall is a staggering 3.3 METRES (over 10 FEET) making it the wettest city in the USA. It is true that the heaviest rains occur during the 'winter', but it rains all year round. With a monthly average low of 158mm/6inches in June to a truly drenching 369mm/15inches (yes almost a foot and half) in November. NASA image - Credit:Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFCIt's not unknown for 100mm/4 inches of rain to fall in one afternoon, but drive over to Kona and the the opposite is true. As can be seen from this image taken by the MODIS instrument on the Terra satellite, the eastern (windward) sides of all the islands are considerably greener than the western (leeward) sides. On the Kona side of the Big Island only about 25mm/1 inch of rain is seen per month during the 'summer' and between 25-75mm/1-3 inches per month in the 'winter'. So you're only ever a couple of hours away from the sunshine in Hawaii. On average, between four and five tropical cyclones are observed in the Central Pacific every year.


Yes as well as volcanoes and earthquakes, Hawaii is occasionally hit by a hurricane during the 'season' (between June and November). On average, between four and five tropical cyclones are observed in the Central Pacific every year. (A hurricane is simply a type of tropical cyclone - an organized rotating weather system that develops in the tropics.)
Tropical cyclones are classified as follows:

So there you have it. Come to Hawaii and get rained on battered by a hurricane - no it's really not that bad - most of the time it's toasty warm days and lovely mild evenings.