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Hilo Orchid Show 2004

Go to galleryTake a look at some of the amazing orchids that were on display at this year's orchid show. I probably only caught about 1 per cent of the flowers on show, unfortunately it was just impossible to capture the sheer variety of the varieties. Hopefully I've justice to the efforts of the the orchid growers of the Big Island.
Posted Saturday 6th December 2003

Banana Flow

Go to galleryWell here is the activity as of the 14th May - it changes daily so check out the eruption update for the latest action. **Update** Since this trip the lava has started to re-enter the ocean adn there are further breakouts further up the flow.
Posted Saturday 6th December 2003

Halema'uma'u hike

Go to galleryArmed with our new digital camera we tackled the hike from Volcano House across the main caldera of Kilauea to the Halema'uma'u crater and back along Byron Ledge and alongside Kilauea Iki. We also caught sunset at the end of Chain of Craters Road and in the distance saw the unmistakeable glow of fresh red lava from the latest 'Banana flow'. So take a look at the new gallery!

Posted Saturday 6th December 2003

Big Island International Marathon

The day dawned and after getting up at 4am to catch the bus to the start of the 7th Annual Big Island International Marathon we set off bathed in the first rays of the sun. 1hr 43min and 8.7secs later Paul crossed the line. As Dave Gorman might say here's my boarding card to prove it (scroll down...keep scrolling, past all the marathon results, keep scrolling...there - 77th place in the 10.8mile race). And there are even pictures! Just pop in 890 and there are 2 images to see. What next? Well there is the Kona half marathon in June...

Posted Saturday 6th December 2003


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Posted Saturday 6th December 2003